ERP 101 : What is an ERP system?

by Leia Davis | Mar 16, 2017 | Cloud, ERP Software

what-is-erpERP… AKA Enterprise Resource Planning or Accounting Software or Business Management Software.

What is an ERP system?

ERP system is a shared database software that serves as the backbone software you use to run your business. Your guy in the warehouse will use ERP to receive pick lists for fulfillment, your customer service reps use your ERP system to enter orders and track support tickets, accounting uses will use ERP for receivables and payables.

ERP should be equally beneficial for your employees in the office, in the field and in the warehouse. 

What are the primary modules of an ERP system?

  • Accounting/Financial Management
  • CRM/Customer Management
  • Distribution/Supply Chain Management (available)
  • Project Accounting
  • Manufacturing Management (available)
  • Field Service Management (available)

What can I do with ERP?

  • Manage your financials, and gain control over accounting, cash flow, and fixed assets
  • Take operations out of your head, and into the system. Manage your organization, and supply chain. Streamline purchasing, inventory control, sales order & purchase order processing
  • Get real time access to intelligent reporting so you can make smarter decisions faster with up to the minute information about your business.
  • Who spoke to your top customer last?  Who took the call for the new lead?  Customer relationship management (CRM) lets you move email and other communication to a single platform for tracking leads, servicing, cross selling and up-selling every customer and prospect you engage with. Put systems in place so client and prospect relationships are maintained and no one is falling through the cracks.

​What about a cloud ERP system?

Cloud ERP enables your company's entire ERP system, and all of its modules to run in the cloud for easy access anywhere. So no matter what's happening at headquarters, your ERP system is safely stored offsite. ​What is the cloud? The cloud refers to hardware and servers that you rent from another company instead of being on site. Click here to learn more about the cloud. 

How does ERP software differ from Quickbooks, Freshbooks, etc?

ERP software is a complete business management system made up of a variety of integrating applications.  All those individual components talk and share data together through all the departments within your organization.

Compare this to a standalone applications you use to meet individual needs. Quickbooks for accounting, separate software for shipping, another platform for product tracking, outside CRM for leads… getting all of those individual programs to talk can be costly and error prone, leaving you with corrupted data, inaccurate reporting or the need to duplicate work for tracking.